About Us

Located just outside of Steamboat Springs in scenic northwestern Colorado, the Routt County Rifle Club, Inc, Was founded in 1941 and has over 300 participation members. Facilities include a clubhouse and four shooting ranges: a rifle range, and outdoor pistol range, a shotgun range,

Email: info@routtcountyrifleclub.org

Address is approximate to the gate for the range.

4184 Lincoln Ave 4, miles West of Steamboat
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
United States

Board of RCRC

Mike Middleton


Dan Bankard

Board Member

Ed Miklus


Ken Constantine

Board Member

Diana Eubank


Kent Holt

Board Member

Travis Bedell

Board Member

Range Officers

Joe Pokay

Indoor Range Officer

Mike Hirshman

Rifle Range Officer

Alan Selch

Pistol Range Officer

Pete Schroeder

Shotgun Range Officer